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Wilderness Search and Rescue

Learn proper land navigation techniques and what it takes to train a dog for the wilderness LOST PERSON RESPONSE and how to handle unexpected situations.

Urban Search and Rescue

Learn the differences between training a dog for Wilderness SAR vs. Urban SAR.

Be aware that just because the dog is trained to do one does not mean it can successfully do the other.

Cadaver Detection

Learn how to train a dog for cadaver detection work. From beginner to advanced training, understand scent theory, crime scene preservation and how to keep accurate training records in case you are called to testify in a criminal investigation or court hearing.

Training for Dog Handlers & their Dogsā€¦

Training is divided into stages which have to be passed before going on to the next one.

Progress is monitored and reviewed every month and a trainee is expected to attend 65% of the training available per year.

Some Background Information:

I started my search and rescue career in January 1996 with my Rottweiler, Phoenix.

I began my career learning the basic principles of cadaver and wilderness search and rescue. Early in 1997 another search partner came into my life, a German Shepherd named Chorley. Along with the demands of cadaver and wilderness work I also took on the challenges of urban search and rescue training.

Craig Slith - Owner

Meet our team:

Craig and Maverick (Owners)
Mike Nelson (Trainor)
Sara Black (diagnostician)
Dr. Greg Stuart (Veterinary)


Craig and his staff taught my husband, our dog and myself how to work together and respect each other. I am blown away, not only with my dog's progress, but my husband and I as owners.
Richard Cox (manager)
Today Sula is a skilled trailing dog (as well as human remains detection)
I know that we would not be where we are today as a team without the amazing training and support we receive from Craig and his staff, thank you!!!
April Jeckson (housewife)
WOW!! The transformation was amazing
Within the first hour of working with Craig, I knew we had come to the right place. Craig and his team worked with us and turned a willful, leash-pulling, cat chasing German Shepherd into a well mannered companion.
Lynne Glatthaar and Ken Smith (Entrepreneurs)
I see things in a whole new light. Thank you.
Craig and his staff far exceeded our expectations, providing us with a wonderfully obedient dog who is a joy to be around. She sits immediately, walks on a loose leash, and behaves well around other dogs and new people.
Serg Brin (manager)