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Wilderness Search and Rescue

Learn proper land navigation techniques and what it takes to train a dog for the wilderness LOST PERSON RESPONSE and how to handle unexpected situations.

Urban Search and Rescue

Learn the differences between training a dog for Wilderness SAR vs. Urban SAR.

Be aware that just because the dog is trained to do one does not mean it can successfully do the other.

Cadaver Detection

Learn how to train a dog for cadaver detection work. From beginner to advanced training, understand scent theory, crime scene preservation and how to keep accurate training records in case you are called to testify in a criminal investigation or court hearing.

Training for Dog Handlers & their Dogsā€¦

Training is divided into stages which have to be passed before going on to the next one.

Progress is monitored and reviewed every month and a trainee is expected to attend 65% of the training available per year.

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